Documenting Dominican baseball by Michael Hanson

Michael Hanson is a Seattle-based photographer represented by National Geographic Creative. His photography career began after playing Minor League Baseball for the Atlanta Braves. He completed his first book, a project documenting urban farming in America, titled Breaking Through Concrete in 2010 and recently finished his first documentary film, Who Owns Water, on a river in his native South. Michael’s fine art work is in the permanent archive at the Sir Elton John Collection.

Hi Michael, tell us more about your series ‘Dominican Baseball’. It’s seems like a story of hope, ultimately

The Dominican Baseball series had been on my mind for almost a decade. I played minor league baseball for the Atlanta Braves and became good friends with many Latin American players. Our paths to professional baseball were different but I became fascinated by their history, especially the Dominican players. A series of assignment​s​ sent me to the DR and allowed me to begin collecting images and stories. ​I have since returned 3 times to continue documenting a community of young players.​

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